MARS Armor
MARS Armor


Modular Armored Reliable Systems

FactoryMARS Armor is a new kind of company, dedicated to deliver personal ballistic protection solutions. The inherent benefits to our customers are physical reliability, simplified servicing requirements and ready availability of parts and maintenance facilities.

MARS Armor is a modern private company. CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) processes are wide used in MARS Armor production. The design process begins with a hand-drawn or computer-drawn sketch so the customer can visualize the final item – body armor.

Factory MARS Armor specializes in the high quality manufacture of bullet-resistance and stab protective equipment for a wide range of uses and projects strong international image as producer of innovative modular and integrated ballistic systems.

MARS Armor suggests a comprehensive safety concept that enables individual bullet-proof designand guarantees the highest quality from the basic fabric right up to the end body armour or stab-resistance items.

MARS Armor products have satisfied users worldwide. Their most important feature is their reliability, which we guarantee not only with international certificates such as ISO 9001-2008 and AQAP-2110, but also by using an innovative, perfectly interacting production and control system. The company has a ballistic and stab resistance testing facility for continuous quality supervision beginning with the receipt of the raw materials to the final inspection of completed products.