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أخبار من شركة مارس آرمور


أخبار من شركة مارس آرمور

MARS Armor – Best Body Armor Manufacturer 2017 Award

September 8, 2017

Industry Insight Magazine announced the winners of the 2017 Aviation Aerospace & Defence Awards. MARS Armor received the award for Best Body Armor Manufacturer – Balkans & Excellence Award for Combat Helmets Manufacturing – Balkans.

This is an exciting time as global trends have predicted a return to growth in the Aviation Aerospace & Defence industries. This is driven by companies and individuals’ innovation and dedication to strive for success. Industry Insight magazine honours the companies that are focussed on turning dreams into reality whilst turning the future into now.

Since its establishment MARS Armor has embraced innovation as its guiding principle, and has always relied on the creativity, knowledge and imagination of its team of professionals. Today, the company has gained the trust of many clients around the world and the MARS Armor branded equipment is highly praised by clients and partners as reliable, durable and proven.

The Industry Insight Magazine’s awards honoured the work and professionalism of the entire MARS Armor team and accentuated their dedication to MARS Armor’s vision for excellence and reliability.

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