MARS Armor

Interview for Manager Magazine – May 2017

„It’s not that important what you do, it’s important you’re the best in it.

(Manager Magazine, May 2017) 

The technology of a successful business and the challenges an entrepreneur faces in Bulgaria, were the topics discussed by Dr. Eng. Plamen Tashkov, owner of MARS Armor Ltd. and Kamen Kolchev, CEO of ELANA Financial Holding AD in an interview for Manager Magazine.

Mr. Tashkov mentioned the challenges which MARS Armor’s new product line of ballistic helmets is now facing. Especially, when parallelly with the new type of products  we work hard on implementing new technologies for helmets and ballistic systems. After all, innovation is basic in MARS Armor, where we’ve specialized in manufacturing sturdy and durable ballistic systems for protection against bullets, fragments and stab threats.

Learning is lifelong for the entrepreneur

The gentlemen both shared the view that for a business owner or CEO the most useful trait is their desire to keep learning. And amongst the key factors for a successful manager they included hard work, faith in your work and devotion to your business.

When asked which are the most important qualities for an entrepreneur, Mr. Tashkov said: „It may be a cliché, but if you want to be the best, you must constantly study.” Mr. Kolchev also noted “Entrepreneurs keep studying all the time. If they stop, they’re no longer entrepreneurs, and that means they’re waiting to sell their business.”

The challenge to lead

Mr. Tashkov noted that being in charge means making the tough decisions, “when you are the owner you are always the horse pulling ahead, and each morning you wake up and it’s you again pulling the carriage”. And even when working with your team and consulting them, the final decision is the manager’s responsibility.