MARS Armor
Model 55 - Modular Police Design

Model 55

Modular Police Design

Flexible Overlapping Protection

The Tactical MARS Armor vest provides front, back, side and neck protection. The side overlapping ensures full torso coverage. Possibility to increase the protection through add-on hard armor inserts, neck and shoulders (trapecius deltoid) protection. Police and law enforcement units application.

Standard Features

  • Full torso coverage, adjustable shoulder and side straps
  • Easy-care, dry-cleanable Cordura outershell
  • Pockets for additional hard armor inserts
  • Removable ballistic panels
  • Removable neck protection
  • Waterproof ballistic panels cover
  • Front PALS (MOLLE) webbing


  • IIIA + 7,62×25 TT FMJ full steel jacketed bullet ballistic system
  • Anti-stab protection system (alone or add-on)
  • Groin protection pad (detachable)
  • Fixed or removable pouches
  • Shoulder protection pads
  • Custom sizes
  • Custom colors

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