MARS Armor
Ballistic Ladder Shield

Ballistic Ladder Shield

Ballistic Ladder Shield

Ballistic Ladder Shield MARS Armor is ballistic shield and ladder combination. Its lightweight design and access capabilities makes it an excellent choice for all law enforcement officials worldwide.


  • Dimensions shield, mm – 1215×610
  • Dimensions shield with mobile legs, mm – 1250×610
  • Dimensions window, mm – 450×100

Standard Features

  • Manufactured with advanced, high-performance polyethylene fiber
  • Unique ambidextrous handle
  • Rectangular design
  • The ladder is an integral part of the shield, serving as both an ambidextrous handle and climbing frame
  • Two mobile legs to support it in upright position
  • Two legs on the front-side, which are settled on the right and left top sides for underpinning the shield while using it as a ladder
  • Heat-sealed, waterproofed ballistic outer cover
  • Rubber edge covering
  • Overlapping front and back view-finders provide a reinforced viewport seam for optimum protection
  • Protection level options: IIIA; IIIA+; III; III+, NIJ 0108.01
  • Weight: depends on the level of protection
  • Custom colors