MARS Armor

Eurosatory Paris 2018

Innovation in the heart of MARS Armor and main focus for Eurosatory 2018

Paris, France

Keeping with tradition, Mars Armor participated in this year’s Eurosatory 2018, the leading international exhibition of Land and Airland Defence and Security, held between 11 and 15 June 2018 in Paris.

With 1,802 exhibitors from 63 countries and 57,056 professional visitors, Eurosatory has unquestionably established itself as the leading international exhibition in the field of Land and Airland Defence and Security. The 2018 edition highlights a change in the visitors’ level and an internationalisation and professionalisation of the exhibition.

Innovation was the main focus for the 26th edition of the show. The challenges in front of the Security and Defence sector are driving manufacturers to think three steps ahead, and to produce and offer advanced solutions.

Our latest designs of ballistic vests are developed according to the End User’s needs and requirements: increased protective coverage, comfortable and ergonomic fit and lightweight ballistic systems. For advanced military personnel we produce extended coverage Plate Carriers with integrated soft and hard armor ballistic systems for maximum protection and optimal freedom of movements.

We had the pleasure of welcoming many visitors to our Eurosatory stand: new partners and agents, manufacturers of raw materials, procurement experts for military and law enforcement departments, and VIP delegations. They were able to see up close part of our product range: various models ballistic vests, hard armor rifle plates, demountable large ballistic shield, and helmets from our new production line. Five helmet samples were displayed with various colors and representing the most popular in demand shapes PASGT, MICH and ACH – each helmet had a different configuration of Retention System and Suspension Liner System demonstrating our production options.