MARS Armor

Commando Challenge 2019 supported by MARS Armor

The international tactical “Commando Challenge 2019” gathered teams in fierce competition in the last September weekend

The tactical polygon of ICSPOS “Alfa Metal” in the region of the village of Michkovtsi, near Gabrovo was turned into a spectacular tactical field on September 27-28. This year, 15 professionals teams from the National Security Service and the structures of the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Defense and the Bulgarian Army competed in the international competition “Commando Challenge 2019”. Another 14 civilian teams including several teams from Greece and Romania competed on Sunday.

The challenge included elements of the tactical preparation of the elite units – passing through a tactical field with obstacles, firing various calibers long and short-range weapons from different distances and positions, as well as providing emergency medical assistance and evacuation of the “wounded”, for which was used a human-weight dummy.

MARS Armor offered support as one of the event’s sponsors and provided tactical protective equipment for the teams: green and black TAURUS and TERVEL plate carriers complete with ballistic plates, as well as ACH High Cut combat helmets.

The competition is organized on the initiative of former soldiers of the 68 Special Forces Brigade and the SBOT jointly with the “Alpha-Metal” International Special Training Centers, to honor the soldiers and policemen killed on duty, and in memory of the five Bulgarian soldiers who lost their lives during the attack of base “India” in Kerbala, Iraq in 2003.