MARS Armor

MARS Armor celebrates its 20th anniversary

MARS Armor is 20 years old! After 20 years of hard work, MARS Armor is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ballistic protection. The company is among the innovative high-tech companies in Bulgaria, developing solutions for individual ballistic protection in the fields of security, protection and defense.

It was solemnly celebrated during the day at the company, located in the industrial zone of Kostinbrod.

Official guests honored Mr. Plamen Tashkov and Mrs. Gergana Tashkova – owners of “MARS Armor”. Among the official guests were Mr. Traiko Mladenov – Mayor of Kostinbrod, representatives of the defense industry, international agents and suppliers of the company.

The celebration continued with a glamorous gala dinner, where the company showed its products and shared its motivation for success. Ms. Tashkova shared that the good motivation is that the company is on the side of the good and saves lives with its products. As her main motivation and cause in life, Ms. Tashkova pointed out the opportunity to encourage and show young people in Bulgaria who are at a crossroads that business can be done in our country.

The managers Mr. Plamen Tashkov and Mrs. Gergana Tashkova congratulated the employees of the factory for the production of bulletproof vests and solutions for individual ballistic protection for their daily professionalism, hard work and high quality products. Mr. Tashkov noted that thanks to the teamwork and our joint efforts MARS Armor is a successful company that strengthens its position in the international market every year.