MARS Armor
Model 12-006 - Covert Protection

Model 12-006

Covert Protection

Covert Protection

The concealable vest Model 12-006 provides protection to the front, back and sides. The special concealed design of the soft armor panels is making this model very ergonomic and prefect for covert protection.

Standard Features

  • Ergonomic ballistic panels design;
  • Soft Knitted Spacer (3D mesh) fabric providing ventilation and comfort;
  • Concealed size adjustment at the shoulders;
  • Elastic adjustment straps provide a firm and comfortable fit on the sides;
  • Easy-care polyamide or polyester textile;
  • Side overlapping of the ballistic panels;
  • Removable ballistic panels;
  • Zipper opening of the outer shell for easy removal/insert of the ballistic panels.


  • IIIA + 7,62×25 TT FSJ full steel jacketed bullet ballistic system;
  • Anti-stab protection system (integrated);
  • Custom sizes;
  • Custom colors.

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