MARS Armor
Model 13 - Ballistic T-shirt

Model 13

Ballistic T-shirt

Optimum ballistic protection

This ballistic T-shirt Model 13 provides front, back and side (partially) protection. These protective capabilities are combined with low weight, breathable comfort, keeping the body armor snug against the torso, making it ideal for concealment wearing during undercover operations.

  • Easy-care, dry-cleanable outershell
  • Removable ballistic panels (front and back) inserted in internal pockets with eyelet-through closure
  • Both ballistic panels are clasped with interior elastic straps which holds armor tight against body and prevents sagging
  • Crew neck (round neckline)
  • Extremely flexible
  • One size fits all


  • Protection level IIIA + 7,62×25 TT full steel jacketed bullet ballistic system
  • Anti-stab protection system (alone or add-on)
  • Optional design: with sleeves or sleeveless arm openings
  • Colors: black or white