MARS Armor
Model 58 - Extreme Design

Model 58

Extreme Design

Extreme Protection

The Extreme Design Tactical MARS Armor® vest provides front, back, side, neck, throat, shoulder and groin protection. The full torso coverage does not disturb mobility and combat activities. Possibility to increase the protection through add-on hard armor inserts. Special troops application.

Standard Features

  • Full torso coverage with side overlapping
  • 360° PALS webbing for MOLLE gear
  • Easy-care durable outershell made of Cordura, Nylon 6.6, Polyamide or Polyester
  • Pockets for additional hard armor plates
  • Removable throat, neck and groin protection
  • Removable waterproof ballistic panels
  • Integrated shoulder protection
  • Reinforced drag handle


  • IIIA + 7,62×25 TT FSJ ballistic system
  • Anti-stab integrated protection systems
  • Different pouches, holsters and magazine boxes
  • Side plate (15x15cm or 15x20cm) integration
  • Custom inscriptions (white or reflective)
  • Custom sizes
  • Custom colors

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