MARS Armor
PASGT Helmet with Visor

PASGT Standard Helmet With Visor & Neck Protector

MBH-PASGT-SD with Visor


The ballistic PASGT Helmet protects against low velocity impacts and has been tested in accordance with the international standards for ballistic resistance. It’s designed to stop direct hits from 9×19 mm bullets and is most suitable for riot control use and commando operations. It is equipped with a ballistic visor with the same level of protection, and a 3-piece detachable neck protector which provides protection against hand thrown crackers and 9x19mm bullets. The visor can be easily detached or adjusted on the helmet, via its ratchet system detachable and adjustable with press stud. Wearing the PASGT ballistic helmet with visor and neck protector is firm, comfortable & adjustable.

Standard Features

Model MBH-PASGT-SD with Visor & Neck Protector
Components Helmet PASGT
Ballistic Visor
Detachable Neck Protector
Material Shell: Aramid/Kevlar® (Weave Aramid in high tensile)
Edge profile: Neoprene rubber
Covering/Finishing Polyurethane paint covering
Color Helmet: Police Blue, UN color or any
Neck Protector: Any
Visor Color Clear transparent
Suspension Liner System Crown Mesh
Retention System – Chinstrap 4 point adjustable harness
Quick Release buckle
Material – Polyamide with leather chin cup
Accessories Protective bag for storage & transportation of the Helmet, Visor and Neck Protector
Option: NVG mount
Protection level
NIJ 0106.01/NIJ 0108.01
IIIA, 9x19mm FMJ (for all components: helmet, visor, neck protector)
Fragmentation resistance NATO STANAG 2920: 650 m/s, V50
Weight (grams) Helmet, Size L = 1400
Visor = 1500
Neck Protector = 300

NATO Stock Number