MARS Armor
Light Demining Suit - LDS

Demining Suit


Mobility and Protection

Light Demining Suit, MARS Armor, LDS for body protection has been designed for demining of anti-personal mines with TNT 200 gr.

Standard Features

  • Ballistic Deflecting Soft Armor covering the operator’s body including neck, torso, shoulders, legs, knees, groin protection
  • Ballistic body protection up to V50=450 m/s of the fragments 1,102 g in accordance with STANAG 2920
  • Blast body protection
  • Heat body protection
  • Washable outer cover
  • According to specific operational requirements and given details of the protection levels offered model could be adjusted
  • The LDS is comfortable with light weight – 8.2 kg
  • The LDS is provided with bag for storage and transportation
  • Custom sizes
  • Custom colors

NATO Stock Number